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    Navigating Uncertainty
    ESHIP Navigating uncertainty is a board game
    that simulates real-world uncertainty in
    entrepreneurship and is based on solid
    research of leading entrepreneurship
    scholars and practitioners!
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The Game

Players test their team-based decision-making abilities within the safe environment of a game. They role-play, discuss, narrate, and make strategic decisions under uncertain conditions simulated by characters, traits, unforeseen events, team-communication, and time pressure.

Who can play?

Basically anyone with reading and comprehension skills can play. Although created for students of Entrepreneurship, it can be played by novices, experts, educators, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to kickstart their own project – for-profit, non-profit, or social.

Game context

Uncertainty integral to entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurs embrace it and are comfortable navigating it

Simulating uncertainty

Otherwise difficult to simulate in a classroom/meeting-room, this game simulates it

Team dynamics

Form teams and experience team-dynamics through assisted role-play

Steer, pivot, learn

Create a project, take decisions, learn from mistakes and quickly adapt to reduce uncertainty


Players go through a design thinking process from opportunity-search to value-creation . A team of 3-5 players cooperate to reduce uncertainty whilst also competing with other teams.

Winning condition

In contrast to many other games, a lower score leads you to success. In a multi-team setting, the team with the lowest uncertainty score wins.

Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art.
It is a practice.
Peter Drucker

ESHIP: Navigating Uncertainty


* Instructor Support *

A FREE guide for the instructors/educators provides tips for customization, alternate game-setups, and enhanced educational outcomes.
When you order a game, we mail you a link for download.

* No Game Currency *

This game has changed focus from "the Richest Wins" to "the Best-Path Wins". Afterall, when entrepreneurs do the right things, money follows!

* No Game Manual *

Simply set up the board according to the provided illustration and jump straight into the gameplay!
Certain cards in the game provide the instructions on the go – only as and when needed.

* Facilitation Independent *

Minimum facilitation required! The instructor can focus on poviding educational support instead of playing the game-master.

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  • Increased Engagement

  • Improved Learning of Concepts in Entrepreneurship

  • Understanding of Team Dynamics
    and Negotiations

  • Creation of a Fictional Project with Potential for Real-World Application

  • Improved Awareness of Uncertainty in Entrepreneurship

FAT CATZ premium website template
  • 1 Game Board
  • 10 Character Cards
  • 21 Option Cards
  • 8 Event Cards
  • 164 Trait Tokens
  • 5 Green Dice
  • 5 Yellow Dice
  • 1 Leader Token
  • 1 Team Token
  • 5 Score Reference
  • 50 Guide Cards
  • 7 Question Cards
  • 21 Explanation Cards
  • 1 Green Positive Trait Bag
  • 1 Black Negative Trait Bag
  • 5 Black Dice
  • 1 White Plus-Minus Dice
  • 1 Board-setup Sheet
  • 1 FAQ Sheet
  • 1 Leadership Role
        Reference Card

  • What you hear, you forget. What you see, you remember. What you do, you understand.
    Chinese Proverb

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